Window Box Ideas to Hide Bay Window of Garage Conversion

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two summers ago, we converted our garage into master bedroom and full bathroom.  And since the brick used to originally build our house was discontinued, we had to get creative with a bay window.

And I couldn't stand the asphalt driveway running right up to the window (what says, "We converted a garage" more than that, right?), we cut the drive.  Unfortunately, since the bay window used the drive as a foundation, we had to leave some of it for support.

And then last summer we tore out our wooden deck and replaced it with a larger concrete patio.  Now, as you can see in the photo, the small section of driveway is extremely noticeable.


So I've been searching for some unique ideas on how to remedy this eyesore; and I think I've finally decided on what is sure to be a great AND beautiful idea....window boxes.

My idea is to go with Nottingham style window box.  I think the black aluminum surrounding the white box would look very nice, but also distract from the asphalt base.

Of course, we'll anchor the boxes to the lower portion of the windows, somewhat resting on the asphalt.  We'll fill them with a combination of plants, flowers, and exotic grasses.

And even with our harsher winters and plants/grasses/flowers that go dormant, this is a look that will continue to hide the ugly.

I can picture it so clearly...and already loving it!

OR...a second idea that I'm considering is very similar, but using window box planters instead. 

What I envision with this idea is to set them around the base of the window and fill with the same combination as I mentioned above.

Of course, this option doesn't always hide as well as the other; but it is a simpler solution.

Irregardless of which route we opt for, I think it's a great idea and will end up looking just beautiful.

Of course, anything will look better than what we have now.  Wouldn't you agree?

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