LikeWear: A Great Work From Home Idea, Especially For Moms

Friday, March 19, 2010

In today's economy where unemployment rates are at record numbers, we have to think positive; that now is not a time of difficulty and hardships, but a time of opportunity.

And it's with that spirit that I would like to introduce you to LikeWear, who brands themselves as "Fun Clothes for Kids, Exciting Career Opportunities for Mom!"

First, let me tell you about their's great!  Kids go nuts for the many prints, including their favorite candies, and these pieces practically sell themselves.

The kind folks at LikeWear sent my Littlest Guy a LikeWear Dude t-shirt to try and Mom to review.  He loved the design, style, and fit but Mom wanted to test durability.

After almost two months of wear and wash (at least once a week), I'm happy to say I was super impressed with the quality of this t-shirt.  It maintained it's shape; the print did not crack, peel or fade; and, best of all, it did not shrink!

Becoming a LikeWear representative means that you can earn money while selling a product that you feel confident in the quality.

LikeWear Reps earn a base 25 percent commission on their sales.  There is no inventory required.  It's easy to get started, just visit the LikeWear Opportunity page.

Not looking to make money, but interested in earning free and/or discounted clothing?  LikeWear has a plan for you too!

Hosts or Hostesses of LikeWear home parties earn 10 percent of their party sales in merchandise credit.  PLUS:  One 1/2 price item for hosting and another for every $300 in sales, a free white t-shirt customized with any LikeWear image for every $250 in sales, and LikeWear gift certifcates for each confirmed party bookings.

Wow!  That adds up to quite a bit of free stuff!

Visit for more information about becoming a Representative or to browse their complete online catalog of fashionable kids' clothing and accessories.

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