Hey Easter Bunny, I Want Surf Sweets Candy in My Basket This Year!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why must every holiday result in aisle upon aisle of sweet-tasting droplets of heaven?

Can you tell I miss eating candy much?

Well, if you can't then let me just say it:  I DO!

But there is a great alternative:  Surf Sweets Natural and Organic Candy.

Free of Corn Syrup and GMOs and made with organic fruit juice and sweetners, I don't feel quite so guilty indulging now and then.

And for my kids who haven't completely had candy eliminated from their lives, it's great!  Neither my 14 or 5 year-old had any idea this was a "healthier" version of candy they were eating.

The best part?  They loved it!

The six bags of samples I received courtesy of Surf Sweets didn't last 24 hours between them, me and Brian.

Let me tell you something else I loved:  Surf Sweets are made in a nut-free facility.  That may not mean much to most; but to those who suffer peanut allergies or have children who do, you can understand what a big deal it is to find ANY product, much less candies, that haven't been exposed to those pesky little legumes.

Instead of filling up those Easter baskets this year with candy that has NO nutritional value, toss 100 percent of the kiddies' recommended daily value of Vitamin C by way of Gummy Worms, Fruity Bears, Jelly Beans and more from http://www.surfsweets.com/.  (Be sure to join the Surf Sweets' Facebook Fan page too!)

Oh, yeah....as a very proud American, I'm always happy to promote a product MADE IN THE USA!

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