Drink Your Vitamins. Seriously.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Despite working at having a healthier diet, I'll admit I'm still struggling with the veggies.

Which, of course, means that I'm losing out on some very vital vitamins.

When I was approached by the makers of Ola Loa, I immediately jumped on board.

What exactly is Ola Loa, you ask?

Ola Loa is a powered source for a multitude of supplements.  Formulated by a medical doctor, Ola Loa is filled with nutrients, not sugar. 

These powered little packets of vitamins are easy to prepare.  Choose your flavor (Orange or Tropical) and just add water. 

As a consistent water drinker, I added it to a half liter bottle.  Shake well and you're ready to go.

My 14 year old so and I have been regular users of Ola Loa for almost 3 months now.  When everyone in our home got sick this season, we were the two that bounced back the quickest.

And I give much of the credit to having had our daily vitamins with Ola Loa.

Whether it's for vitamins, an energy boost, or replacing electrolytes lost during sports or exercise, Ola Loa has a tasty supplement for you.

AND....they have drinkable vitamins made for the little ones too:  Ola Loa Kids in Cran-Raspberry flavor.

Check them out for yourself with free samples at drinkyourvitamins.com.  And be sure to join Ola Loa's Facebook Fan page too for special offers!

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