Book Review: Naked Addiction by Caitlin Rother

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ken Goode knew at the tender age of six that he wanted to be a policeman after being comforted by an officer following his mother's suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Thirty years late, he had fulfilled that dream.

Detective Goode is a narcotics officer looking to move into the homicide division; and he gets his first big break at attaining his goal with the discovery of young girl's body in the alley.

Following this unfortunate discovery, Detective Goode begins down a investigative journey that has more twists that a mountain road.

Award winning author Caitlin Rother's debut into the fiction genre is astounding!

With superb character development and an insider's view to the truth about "the people's right to know" (law enforcement vs. reporters), the case of a serial killer makes for an addicting, page-turning read.

Rother, an investigative journalist and true crime writer, uses her journalist skills and criminal knowledge to reach out to mystery fiction fans with Naked Addiction.

And the best part....there's a sequel to come (or so I've heard)!


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