Ha! Republican National Committee (RNC) Survey

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When I got the mail the other day, I noticed this official looking envelope from the Republican National Committee in Washington D.C.

Yes, I am a Republican (or was, which will be explained later). I have been a proud conservative for all of my voting years.

That clear, I'll continue....

So anyway, I opened the envelope to find this official looking letter explaining how the Republican party needs to revamp, rebuild, and regain control of Congress.

Agree, agree, and agree.

According to the letter, they want me to take a census to help them understand what their constituents want to see happening in the Nation's Capitol.

So I pull the official looking survey form entitled "Census Document Questionnaire."

I read along, calculating my answers, then come to the "donation" part.

Donation request. Fine.

It's the next part that got me.

They want $12 to tabulate my survey!


You're kidding me right.

The letter moans and groans about government-backed bailouts, then the RNC wants $12 just to tabulate a survey??!!

I don't think so.

I will not pay a dime to tell them how they should be doing their job. Quite frankly, if they need me to fill out a questionnaire to tell them that, I think it's time I vote them out and put somebody in there who was listening the first time around.

Lately I'd been disgusted with the Republican party anyway. Not disgusted enough to become liberal - that will never happen.

And after reading up on beliefs of Constutionalist, that is what I will now officially declare myself. (Not the militia version, I promise!)

Thank you, RNC, for bringing to my attention that you're not better than those left-winging crooks you wrote about.


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