Book Review: Ghost Huntress The Guidance by Marley Gibson (Book 2)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Kendall Moorehead, a Chicago transplant, is still coming to terms with living in the small southern town of Radisson, Georgia.

And her psychic abilities.

In this second book of the Ghost Huntress series by Marley Gibson, Kendall will have her "gifts" put to the test; plus some she's not even ready to explore!

Kendall's classmate and arch nemesis, Courtney Langdon, can't stand the attention Kendall's receiving for being "gifted."

Not to mention, she's jealous that Kendall is now dating her ex-boyfriend Jason Tillson.

In an attempt to draw attention from Kendall, Courtney decides to dabble in the psychic world; unfortunately, she doesn't know that she's actually opening similar to Pandora's Box.

Will Kendall and her ghost hunting team help the popular cheerleader or leave her to own device?

The decision isn't an easy one, but Kendall's spirit guide Emily is there to help her, as well as her team, her priest, and her mentor.

But making the decision is the easy part; following through will entail much more than Kendall could have ever imagined.

The references to actual ghost-hunting equipment and techniques makes these awesome books! (Especially the bibliography in the back that provides links for more information.)

It may seem a bit crazy that a 35-year-old woman is reading Young Adult Fiction, but I love the Ghost Huntress series! Once I start one, I find myself so engrossed that I can easily read the 300 page (average) books within a couple of days.

The only thing I'm not too fond of is the use of such colorful language. I'm by no means foolish when it comes to teen language - I was once and I have two teen boys - but I think the book would be just as interesting without it.

With the sexual content of this book and the language, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone less than high school age.

Buy It! Ghost Huntress: The Guidance will release September 2009; but you can pre-order this book for only $8.99. And don't forget about the free shipping with qualifying purchases of $25 or more!


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