Prevent Bobble Head Syndrome with Head Snuggler (Product Review)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seventeen years ago, I had my first child. Now, I have four.

And for most of those 17 years, I've watch as little people in carseats sleep in some of the most awkward positions.

I frequently referred to them as bobble heads (even before those things were popular collectibles).

When I was presented the opportunity to review the Head Snuggler from Melrose Kids, Inc., I jumped at the chance. This was exactly the kind of product I had needed (not to be mistaken with wanted) for so long.

And it lived up to ALL my expectations!

Head Snuggler by Melrose Kids, Inc.At first, I thought my 4-year-old was going to outsmart me and never take another nap in the car so I could give this product a thorough testing. But soon enough, he was zonked out; and with a quick trip to the shoulder of the road, I was able to slip the Head Snuggler around his head and away we went. No more bobble head!

The cotton fabric used for the Head Snuggler is very soft, but tight enough to keep a sleeping noggin from bobbling.

It's lightweight enough that my little guy didn't even seem to feel me slipping it around his head. And even in the humid Tennessee temperatures, it didn't cause him to sweat excessively where it was fitted - that means a lot to moms with hot natured children!

This is a product I wish I had had available many years ago. Any parent who has watched their child doddle all over their carseat while sleeping, needs the stylish and easy-to-use Head Snuggler.

It has become a permanent item of our diaper bag and will be so until our youngest (5 months at the time of this writing) has completely outgrown bobble head syndrome.

Buy It! Visit Melrose Kids, Inc. only to purchase the Head Snuggler for only $27.99 (USD). Canadian residents may also wish to see store locations where the Head Snuggler can be purchased.

Available in 4 adorable styles including bears and polka dots.


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Anissa July 2, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

Great review -- I so need one of those. My three year old always falls to sleep when we go out of town. TFS

Anonymous,  August 7, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

I actually don't love the product! I thought it would be the answer, but I find it doesn't reach far enough down on my kids car seats to keep their heads in the upright position. Both of my kids heads slip right out of these and then I have my husband looking at me and questioning me as to why I spent over $50 (2 @ almost $25ea)on something that simply doesn't work. Maybe if they were a few inches taller in their seats?

Candice,  August 16, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

This product sounds like a great idea to some, but it is in fact unsafe. By using the product you are releasing the manufacturer of your carseat from any liability if the carseat fails in an accident. The product also has not been through any type of crash testing, essentially make all children using them crash test dummies. A better solution to the head slump problem is to rear face as long as possible & then use a forward facing carseat that has good head support.

Melanie,  August 20, 2009 at 1:44 PM  

It is unfortunate that you are working so hard to discredit this great product. You have cut and pasted your post using a different name on all of the great reviews for this product.
Transport Canada has specific concerns about adding products to carseats. They recommend not adding anything that comes between the child and the seat or comes between the child and their restraints or affix to the restraints. This product does neither. This is simply meant to provide comfort for children while they rest in a car seat. It is not a safety device and isn't snug enough to change the course of any movement of a child in an accident. This is a SAFE product that many see the benefits for. Either a car seat is safe or it's not, a Head Snuggler isn't going to change that fact and no judge would look at this product and deem that it in fact interfered with the proper functioning of the carseat.

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