What I DID NOT DO This Week (Not Me Monday!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday! Not Me Monday is back!! Join in the fun to find out who has not being doing what this week!

And there is even a prize incentive this week....so get on it already!

Now, on with my Not Me Monday!

  1. I did not decide that I would trim Princess A's hair because it was in her eyes then have to go to my mom to straighten out my booboos!

  2. I did not go through withdrawals when my router blew late Friday evening and I had no internet service until after noon today.

  3. I did not threaten to ground my 13 year old all summer if he did not get all of his Accelerated Reader (AR) points for this six weeks. (Knowing good and well that it probably wouldn't really happen since that would make for a loooong summer for me!)

  4. I did not have a couple of days this week that I (giddily) counted the number of days until my 17 year old leaves for college because he was getting on my last flippin' nerve with teenage antics.

  5. I did not nag at my husband about (fill in the blank with any of things husbands do).

  6. I did not roll my eyes, sigh out loud and tell my 13 year old that I feared what would happen to him when he left home after he "forgot" or "lost" one item too many.

Well, that's all I'm willing to share for now. lol

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