Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Marley Gibson (Book Review)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kendall Moorehead has lived her whole life in the city; surrounded by all it has to offer - including the constant noise distracts!

When Kendall and her family relocate to rural Radisson, Georgia, she suddenly finds herself suffering insomnia because of the quiet.

To help lull her to sleep, her father purchases a LifeSounds 440 white-noise machine. And this is where the trouble begins!

Kendall isn't unfamiliar with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) when she first hears to ghostly sounds over the white-noise machine saying, "I'm here," but she's terrified nonetheless.

Though a bit frightened, Kendall seeks to learn more about who, or what, she heard.

While seeking answers, Kendall hooks up with other teens and her earthly guide, Loreen, who is an eccentric yet all knowing when it comes to the spiritual world, who agree to help her with her psychic awakening by hunting the ghosts that haunt her new house and her father's office.

Readers follow Kendall and her crew as they seek to discover who, or what, is behind the hauntings of Radisson. Kendall may "awaken" to much more than she ever dreamed!

While this is considered Young Adult fiction, even a 30-something like myself enjoyed the mystery and suspense of Marley Gibson's first in a series on this new Ghost Huntress.

I found this book was well researched, educational to the ghost-hunting layman, and a fast paced read. I especially enjoyed the Bibliography that provided links to websites where even more information could be obtained about terms and equipment used in the book.

This first-in-series book is set to release in stores May 4, 2009, but is available now from Amazon for only $8.99!

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