Inexpensive Laptop Recommendation (Perfect for Teens!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When my oldest son entered high school, we suddenly realized how important having his own computer was going to be. After all, there is a great deal of research, writing, and online reading assignments given in these days of mega technology.

So I went in search of a laptop which was favored by both of us considering that we used only a bulky desktop in the house at that time. However, I realized just how careless at times my son could be with things and didn't want to invest a the large sums of money I was finding attached to laptops.

After I had searched Dell, Gateway, and numerous other computer retailers, I decided to give eBay a try.

It was there that I found the perfect deal through eBay seller CSR Technologies: a refurbished Dell Latitude D400 for $320.00 (shipping included).

This light, compact laptop is great for the teenage user and, being refurbished, was just as easy on the purse. And teens love it because it comes with a built in network card that connects to the internet anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

The sales and service on the laptop was very professional and shipping was done quickly. In addition the customer service was tremendous as, before purchasing, I had numerous questions.

My son has been using this computer for over a year now and we have experienced no trouble whatsoever with it. Of course, a year later this particular model is becoming obsolete but CSR Technologies is now offering Dell Latitude D610 at the same price.

While the Dell is what I recommend, if you prefer a another brand there are many eBay sellers that sell a refurbished laptop at a great price. For me, until my son reaches college, this is the only way I'll be purchasing his computers!

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Jenni Jiggety April 19, 2009 at 6:46 PM  

Buying one refurbed is a really good idea!

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