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Monday, March 16, 2009

Creating hairbows, purses, and other accessories to match the Gymboree clothing lines is one of today's hottest crafting fads!

Looking for color recommendations for Gymboree lines to make your own unique M2MG fashions? Use a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns (such as dots and stripes) to create one-of-a-kind accessories!


You Can Make This!

2009 Lines
  • FASHION FLOWER: Apple Green, Aquamarine, Dark Royal, Light Navy, Lime, White
  • FLOWER GARDEN: Apple Green, Emerald, Hot Pink, Navajo Turquoise, Pink, Pistachio, White, Wild Orchid
  • HAPPY RAINBOW: Light Pink, Misty Turquoise, Nora, Spring Moss, White, Yellow
  • PRETTY LADY: Apple Green, Lemongrass, Pink, Shocking Pink, Yellow, White
  • SPECIAL OCCASION: Light Ivory, Pistachio, Rose Pink
  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Creamsicle, Lemongrass, Pink Passion, Tomato, White, Yellow

2008 LINES

  • CANDY SHOPPE: Dark Navy, Light Ivory, Moss, Orange, Pansy, Pink, Pistachio, Orange, Shocking Pink, Yellow
  • DAISY DAYS: Creamsicle, Dark Navy, Emerald, Neon Orange, White, Yellow
  • DOTS OF FUN: Azalea, Brown, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, Wild Orchid
  • FULL OF HEART: Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Pink Passion, Red, White
  • ICE CREAM SOCIAL: Rose Pink, Blue, Oatmeal, Pistachio, Wild Orchid, and White.
  • SPRING RAINBOW: Banana Cream, Misty Turquoise, Light Blue, French Pink, Wild Orchid, Creamsicle, Lemongrass, and White.
  • WILD ONE: Black, Hot Pink, Light Ivory, Shocking Pink
  • WINTER SNOWFLAKE: Brown, Cranberry, Light Blue, Light Ivory, Pink

2007 LINES

  • CANDY APPLE: Apple Green, Lime, Azalea, Sapphire, Robins Egg Blue, Pink and White.
  • CORAL REEF: Mauve, Coral, Old Rose, Apricot, Papaya, Yellow Gold, Maroon, Celadon, Spring Moss, Olive, and Light Ivory.
  • PARISIAN ROSE: Hot Pink, Pink, Rose Pink, Dark Navy, and White.
  • ISLAND GETAWAY: Papaya, Sugar Plum, Red, Blue, Banana, Oatmeal, White, Olive, Turftan, and Lime.
  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Wisteria, Celadon, Yellow Gold, Yellow, Old Rose, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Dark Royal, Capri Blue, Red, Apple Green, Olive, and White.
  • MIXED DOUBLES: Millennium Blue, Pink, Apple Green and White.
  • STRAWBERRY FARM: Red, Millennium Blue, Blue, Banana, Rose Pink and White.
  • SUNFLOWER FIELDS: Taupe, Apple Green, Spring Moss, Yellow, Yellow Gold, Pink and White.
  • TEA GARDEN: Dark Orchid, Tropic Lilac, Apricot, Coral, Olive, Celadon, Cranberry, Aquamarine and White.

2006 LINES

  • AUTUMN HIGHLANDS: Beet, Dark Orchid, Deep Purple, Lemonade, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, Maroon, Olive, Orange, and Pecan.
  • CALYPSO: Pecan, Hot Pink, Light Pink, White and Rose Pink.
  • CHERRY PIE: Cranberry, Rose Pink, Emerald, Light Ivory, Light Navy, Dark Navy and Oatmeal.
  • DAISY CHAIN: Apple Green, Celadon, White and Yellow.
  • FAMILY PORTRAIT: Beet, Black, and Light Ivory.
  • FIESTA DEL SOL: Black, Tomato, Celadon, Festive Fuchsia, Yellow, Gold, Light Ivory and Apricot.
  • FRESHLY PICKED: White, Hot Pink, Orange, Apricot, Celadon and Apple Green.
  • GARDEN BLOOM: Celadon, Old Rose, Yellow, White, Lemonade and Hot Pink.
  • IMAGINARY FRIENDS: Aquamarine, Light Ivory, Festive Fuchsia, Clay Red, Apricot, Shocking Pink, Pink, Lime, Apple Green, Forest Green and Black.
  • LA BELLE EPOQUE: Evergreen, Maroon, Williamsburg Blue, Blue, Mauve, Rose Pink and Light Ivory.
  • MIX 'N MATCH: Light Ivory, Brown, Sapphire, Orange, Sarsaparilla, Celadon, Olive, Dark Orchid, Deep Purple and Light Pink.
  • PALM SPRINGS: Light Blue, White, Apple Green, Apricot, Neon Green, Copen, Tropic Lilac, Hot Pink and Light Pink.
  • PARK CITY LUXE: Light Ivory, Taupe, Brown, Rose Pink, Pink, Celadon, Blue, Light Blue, Apricot and Maroon.
  • PRETTY IN PLUMS: Olive, Light Pink, Pink, Beet, Azalea, Sea Mist, Jade Blue, Deep Purple, Dark Orchid, Dark Navy and Light Ivory.
  • PRIMROSE: Celadon, Olive, Rose Pink, Old Rose, Beet, Brown, Taupe and Light Ivory.
  • PERUVIAN DOLL: Olive, Currant, Orange, Festive Fuchsia, Cranberry, Dazzle Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink and Light Ivory.
  • PRINCESS SNOW DROP: Light Ivory, Millennium Silver, Light Blue, Pink and Rose Pink.
  • SNOW BLOSSOM: Brown, Light Ivory, Orange, Apricot, Millennium Blue, Neon Green, Festive Fuchsia, Dark Orchid and Shocking Pink.
  • SUMMER SAFARI: Yellow Gold, Papaya, Rose Pink, Old Rose, Sarsaparilla, Light Blue, Sea Mist, Celadon, Olive, White, Oatmeal, Light Ivory and Brown.
  • SWEETHEARTS: Hot Pink, Pink, Azalea, Shocking Pink, Celadon, Emerald and Mint.
  • TUTTI FRUITY: White, Celadon, Mystic Blue, Yellow, Shocking Pink, Rose Pink, Lemonade and Apricot.
  • UNIFORM SHOP: White, Oatmeal, Light Navy and Dark Navy.
  • WISH YOU WERE HERE: Light Navy, Blueberry, Blue, Red, Yellow, Old Rose, Spring Moss, White, Apple Green and Celadon.

2005 LINES

  • A BIRD'S LIFE: Old Rose, Wisteria, Celadon, and White.
  • ALOHA WAHINE: Celadon, Light Coral, Light Ivory, Light Pink, Orange, Old Rose, and Papaya.
  • BONJOUR PROVENCE: Dark Orchid, Yellow, Aquamarine, Olive, White, Orange, Light Blue, Maize, Light Coral, and Jungle Green.
  • HOMETOWN PARADE: Red, White, Navy, and Light Blue
  • IT'S A GIRL THING: Light Pink, Black and White
  • MIAMI VACATION: Light Blue, Blue, Apple Green, Orange, and Yellow
  • PETIT FOUR: Wisteria, Seamist, Millennium Blue, Light Blue, Celadon, Light Pink, and Rose Pink.
  • POOL PARTY: Royal Blue, Blue Magic, Maize, Mystic Blue, Apple Green, and White
  • SPRING FUN: Apple Green, Tutti Fruitti, Hot Pink, Celadon, White, Orange, and Light Blue
  • SUGAR COOKIE: White, Dazzle Pink, Apricot, Pink, Neon Green, Blue, Hot Pink, and Celadon.
  • WILDFLOWER FIELDS: Apricot, Maize, White, Celadon, Apple Green, Emerald, Yellow, and Orange.
  • WINTER PRINCESS: Rose Pink, Pink, Celadon, Tropic Lilac, Wisteria, Mauve, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, and Olive.

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