Baby Girl's Spring and Summer Wardrobe for Less Than $100

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love the consignment sales that appear locally twice a year (spring and fall). Hosted by a few individuals who bring moms together for great savings, these consignment sales are my answer to affordably buying brand name clothing for my kids without breaking the bank.

This year was even more fun since I finally got to shop the little girls' section! And let me just say this: I thought I was saving money when shopping for boys' clothing, but I never saved like I did until I shopped the girls!

It would appear that many moms are like me, eager to purchase their little girls all the adorable clothing they can find. Unfortunately little ones grow so fast, that half the stuff doesn't get worn but once or twice. That, however, creates awesome bargains for the next over-eager shopping mother.

Consignment Bargains:  Gap 3 Piece

One example of the great bargains I found this past week at a local consignment sale is this 3 piece Gap dress ensemble. This adorable little size 0-3 month outfit is in like new condition. As a matter of fact, the tag stated that it had only been worn once. The price paid? One dollar! No kidding! And that was on half price day - so it would have only been two dollars on any other sale day!

What a bargain!

I was able to purchase a total of 60 outfits - including dresses, 2 piece pant/shirt groups, jumpers, pajamas, onesies, shorts, and shirts (all of them like new or new with tags) - for a grand total of $66.50. And this will essentially cover everything needed for my baby girl through spring and summer since I made sure to purchase plenty of bigger sizes for her to grow into.

Don't think I forgot about shoe shopping either! (lol) I love shoes and purses - that's my thing - and I have to teach my daughter the same thing, right?

I found some great deals on shoes too (sorry, no purses...yet!); like a pair of new with tags and box Reebok Weeboks in lavender. Price paid? $4.00! Original retail would have been at least $29.99, a savings of $25.99!

I also purchased two pairs of sandals that have no wear to them at all for $1.00 each pair!

And last, but not least, I purchased a Jeep Wrangler stroller in excellent used condition for only $8.00! It was such a great deal, I didn't even wait until half price day! All it needed was to have the wheels cleaned (and did it really need that?!).

I guess that I should really mention my boys too. (Unfortunately for them, I've discovered such how boring and redundant boy clothing is) I purchased 2 pairs of Abercrombie jeans (teens) for my 12 year old at $7.00 each (retail minimum $49). And for the four year old, I was able to get an assortment of jean shorts and cute t-shirts for a total of $15.50. (This age and size is a bit hard to get good clothing in when it comes to boys, because of the wear.)

I could write for hours about consignment shopping. Like I said, I love them! For me, I brag not about how much I paid for an outfit, but how little I paid.

I encourage you, if you have never shopped on before, take the time to visit at least one sale. You may become a consignment junkie like me!

Visit to find a sale in your area!

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