Watches Don't Just Tell Time, They Look Good Too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have you noticed with the advent of cell phones and laptop computers, you don't see as many people wearing watches?

I have, and it really kind of saddens me. After all, cell phones die and laptops crash, but the wrist watch is always dependable.

And let's not forget how the right watch can be a very trendy accessory.

Especially on men. You may be laughing right now, but have you ever noticed how attractive and professional a man wearing a watch can be?

I know, they won't be to every woman but to many of us they are. It makes a statement that he is a time-conscience, attentive man. If I were Paris Hilton, I'd say, "That's so hot!" :)

Seriously though, whether they are jogging, hanging with friends, or working at the office, something as simple as Atomic Watches can change their whole appearance.

While I may not be noticing it as much, I do know the same thing is true for the ladies too.  And girls, we have so many options: colors, designs, gold, silver, big face, small face - the list can go on and on.  You won't find that in a cell phone or laptop, eh?

So let's bring back the watches. Not only are they reliable tellers of time, but they make us look good too. :)

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