Couponers Unveiled: Its Not Who You Think

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I recently read some interesting statistics about coupon users. Having been an avid couponer for years now, the report that stated the majority of coupon users are in a higher income bracket and college educated caught my attention.

I learned a long time ago to be wealthy you've got to think like the wealthy (and I don't mean lottery-winner-new-money wealth or the credit-wealthy). Funny how I find out I'd been thinking and acting like the wealthy more than I thought. :)

Just the other day I snagged a great deal at the local Rite Aid with Electrasol dishwasher tabs. They were buy one get one free at a price of $6.99. So I snatched two and used the two coupons I had for $2.25 each. Toss in a couple of the +UP Rewards I had and I walked away paying only $1.17!

I used coupons for everything.  From groceries to gas, dining out to entertainment, if we don't have a coupon, we generally don't buy it.

So where do I find these great coupons?  Lots of places; for example, the Sunday newspaper, deals, coupon train clubs, and Facebook. Just look around, coupons are everywhere!

So do you fit the average demographic of a coupon user?  Whether you do or not, what's the best coupon deal you've got lately?

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