Break the eBay and Etsy Habit with your own Business Website

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have you noticed that eBay is on a downhill slide to closing? High fees, an overabundance of fraudulent sales (by both buyers and sellers), a disadvantaged feedback system, and dwindling traffic, I predict eBay won't be around five years from now.

Being that I used to love buying and selling there, I really hate that. But too many chiefs and not enough Indians have destroyed it.

And my gripe about Etsy? Well, nothing really. But if you break one habit, might as well break them all at once.

For all the steps you take on eBay and Etsy, you could set up your own website, save on costly fees, and put more profit in your pocket.

There are so many myths about starting your own online business. My favorite myth, of course, would have to be, that it costs thousands to start a business website.

That's just wrong! wrong! wrong!

All anyone needs to do to start their own online business is to (1) sing up with cheap web hosting; (2) choose and purchase a domain name; and (3) educate themselves with all the free information out there about shopping carts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and advertising.

That's it!

Usually this is followed by the question of how to draw the first customers to the new site. That too is pretty simple: enclose a postcard or flyer advertising your new website with your current eBay and Etsy orders. Provide a coupon code that saves them money (even with a small discount, you're still making more because you save on listing and final value fees), and you'll be surprised how many visit and buy from your website instead of eBay.

Like the convenience of Paypal? No problem, Paypal provides instructions on how to use their "Add to Cart" buttons on your site.

Hate Paypal? Again, no problem. With your own website, you can set up your own merchant account through credit card companies. (Another favorite myth of mine: it takes a lot of money and perfect credit to set up your own merchant account. Wrong!)

Really, is there any reason to keep lining eBay's or other's pockets when you could be lining your own?

I didn't think so! Break the habit...TODAY!

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