Remembering My Grandmas and Their Holiday Treats

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My maternal grandmother, who I affectionately referred to as "Ma," always made tons of candy at the holidays - peanut butter balls, Martha Washington balls, dream bars, peanut brittle, and fudge.

While she baked and canned year round, she particularly enjoyed candy-making during the holidays; always making sure her children and 23 grandchildren, and great-grandchildren had plenty of goodies between Thanksgiving and New Years.

My paternal grandmother, on the other hand, while a great cook - preparing a large Sunday feast each week for us to enjoy after church - never did much candy-making.  But what I do remember, however, is that during the holidays she always had a never-ending supply of orange slice candy. 

The other day as I was out shopping, I came across large packages of "homemade" candy and couldn't help but to think of my grandmothers and how they spoiled me on sweet treats during the holidays.

So I a grabbed a couple of packages to enjoy.  While these goodies were absolutely wonderful, I just don't think they can compare to what my grandmother's had. 

Which is odd, considering that my Grandma didn't make the orange slices.

It must that secret ingredient of Love.  Whether it's baked in or bought with, either way it just seems to make sweets that much sweeter.

Wouldn't you agree? ;)


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