Megyn Price talks about Infertility, Surrogacy, and being a Hollywood Mom

Monday, December 6, 2010

The hit CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement is going to be tackling a difficult subject in upcoming episodes:  infertility and surrogacy.

Price's character, Audrey, and husband Jeff have danced around the issue of having a baby in previous episodes without much commitment one way or another.

In upcoming episodes, however, that will will change.

"Our writers, a couple of whom had went through fertility issues with their own wives, managed to find all of the humor that was possible - if that is possible in the sort of the fertility shots and the processes that you go through, and the heartbreak with the absurdity of it," Megyn said.    

And when fertility treatments fail, many couples consider surrogacy.

"They just took it to the next level with the surrogacy which again is again a sort of extreme method I think for having a child. Because it really shows how much a couple wants a child," said Megyn.

So how does Megyn Price feel about taking on this difficult, often-touchy issue?  "It scares me, frankly.  It scares me," she said.

While Rules of Engagement will attempt to lighten the emotional burdens of infertility, it's never far from anyone's mind that it's no laughing matter. Megyn said, "[While] they've managed to find the funny, I will say there are moments I have to take a step back and say, 'Hold on a minute, this is a bigger deal than we're making it!'"

I'm anxious to see where writers will take Audrey and Jeff as they embark on the adventure of having a baby.

Be sure to tune in to CBS on Monday nights at 8:30/7:30 p.m. central to watch new episodes of Rules of Engagement.

I couldn't walk away with from an interview on this subject, however, without asking Megyn her real-life role of being a Mom in Hollywood.

Megyn was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her high school sweetheart, Eddie, who is now her husband.  I wanted to know if their Midwest upbringing would play a stronger role in the rearing of the daughter, Grace, than the influences of Hollywood. 

Megyn says she has met many people raised in Los Angeles who were part of entertainment families that are wonderful people, but in response to my question she says, "Oh good Lord I hope so!"

She adheres to this by remembering what her father told her when she first started acting, "Sweetheart, you can be in Hollywood but not of Hollywood."

Sounds like Megyn's dad is a very wise man.


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