A Busy Week Put Our Extreme Home Makeover On Hold

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Normally I would updating about our extreme home makeover project.  But a very hectic past few days has kept us from getting anything done.

Well, honestly, I guess I shouldn't say "we" as it was Brian who didn't have much time to get stuff done.  As for me, when I had some spare time I was still cruising around the internet looking for the small things that I want to add or replace in this process.

Just a couple more door replacements and the trim work and we'll be ready to build the wall dividing the living room and kitchen.  And while we'll finish the living room before starting work on the kitchen, I've already taken some time to check out new cabinet knobs and drawer handles for when we get to that part.

I think I have settled on some. I found the distressed brass with a white ceramic insert. I think these would look great with my oak cabinets.

The part, however, is that the place where I found them lets you do sample orders.   I can pick 4 other knobs that I like and they'll ship them to me for a minimal fee. 

I can then try them out and make sure I like them and they'll refund half of the fee I paid for the samples - and I don't to fool with sending the samples back.  

Sure, I know I could do something similar with the home improvement stores; buy what I think I like and then return it when I don't, but they just have the same selection as this place and it's a lot less hassle.

Well, anyway, maybe next week I'll have a HUGE update on our home improvement project.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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