Our Extreme Home Makeover: Week 5

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things are moving at a slower pace now as we work on doors and trim.

We did finish with the hall closet door.  Thank goodness!  Having all my "junk" out there for the world (okay, so it was just anyone who visited - but still...) to see was driving me insane.

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Chandler discovers the locked door in his and Monica's apartment?  Monica, of course, refuses to let him see inside.  Once he finally does get into it, he finds that Monica - normally so very neat and orderly - has a secret messy stash.

Well, if you've seen that episode then you've seen what my hall closet looks like.

Wouldn't you be anxious to get the door back up too? :)

While Brian does the physical labor, I spend a lot of my term browsing for the furniture, television, and all that good stuff that we're going to be putting into the living room.  (Hey, I'm not lazy.  He's a perfectionist and won't let me do any painting! And cutting?  Accident prone people like are NEVER allowed to that kind of stuff! lol)

The downside to browsing for living room furniture is that I find myself suddenly wanting to redo other rooms too.    

For example, we have small bedrooms so I'm always looking to space save.  And even though the kids all have nice bedroom furniture, I come across some trundle bunk beds. Those would be great for when they have friends spend the night. And I'm definitely considering twin bunk beds with stairs for Princess A's room - if we ever get there!

And then while I'm browsing, Big Brother spots a pirate ship bed and insists that he wants a themed room to go with it.

Oh boy, this project of ours could turn into more than makeover than we'd planned.

Oh well, it gives me something to blog about and we're having fun. So why am I complaining, right? :)


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