I Think I'm Just A little Crazy for Christmas Villages

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You know how some kitchen cabinets have that space between the top and ceiling?

I struggled for years what to do with that space. I put collectible plates, hated them. Tried a few decorative teapots, hated them.

Then one day I visited a friend's home and saw where she had filled the space with those adorable miniature lighted houses - villages, as they're sometimes called - and I fell in love.

Thus began my addiction to the tiny villages.

And it has grown and grown and grown.

While my kitchen cabinet tops stay full all year, at Christmas I bring out some of my most prized possessions.

This year I decided to add start adding theme houses. And what would I spot first but a small little replica from my most favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story!

I was browsing around the Christmas decorations department at Macys.com when I got the idea. They had Mickey and Minnie Mouse and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - not to mention just the beautiful, sophisticated, un-themed ones - but I fell in love and decided the A Christmas Story house would be the honorary first member of my themed collection.

I'm so excited I can't see straight! :)

Of course, I be visiting Savings.com when I'm ready to order to use any money-saver Macys coupon I can find.

Gotta save money so I'll have more my lighted house addiction collection!

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