Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I overhead a conversation the other day where a man mentioned that he and his wife had been in "text wars" all day about their couples costume for Halloween. And, it got me to thinking about possible ideas.

Here's what I've come up with (probably not on my own, since I'm not that creative):

  • Ying and Yang

  • Flower and pot

  • Heart and sole (like that of a shoe)

  • Good and Evil (Angel and Devil)

  • Mars and Venus (think about the book Women Are From Mars, Men Are From Venus)

  • North and South (i.e., Yankee and Confederate)

  • (and the old stand by) Ball and Chain. 
I warned you I'm not very original but maybe these will at least get some of your creative juices flowing!  And I'd love to hear you come up with! :)

OR, since it's running a little close to the holiday, you may want to check out the cool Halloween Costumes for Couples at Amazon - many offering FREE two day shipping with Prime!

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