Social Networking Is Destroying the Decency of Mankind

Monday, September 27, 2010

This morning as I was driving the kiddos to school, I tuned into the last minute or so of a radio talk show segment about some of the places people are Facebook'ing from.

On the list:  funerals, weddings, and church.

Are you kidding me??

I can grasp the church thing.  If it's a teen.

I remember those years.  Your there because your parents make you.

Not appropriate, but I get it.

But if it's an adult?  You're there by OPTION.  You might be there more for socializing than for God, but can you at least PRETEND to have an interest and put down the Facebook?

And a FUNERAL?  How much tackier can you get?  Come on, this is the last ceremony focused on this person, can you give them that hour?  Before it's even said - even updating your status to "mourn" someone while at their funeral is still RAUNCHY!    

Also, speaking of FB'ing at a funeral - updating statuses about HOW someone died - ESPECIALLY when it is the result of a suicide, drug overdose or other particularly embarressing-to-the-family scenario - is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. 

Weddings aren't so bad, depending on what you're posting.  But, personally, I wouldn't.  I'm there for THEIR celebration, not to have something in my FB status.

Yes, I FB and Twitter but I can assure you that my status updating is at a minimal. For several reasons.

(1)  I don't feel the need to let everyone know where I'm at or what I'm doing every second of the day and (2) I'm smart enough to realize that there are predators out there, cruising info and looking for the next victim.  And if you think your info is hidden from them just because you have all your little settings in place, think again.  Think of this too when posting your children's pics and whereabouts.

My husband, Brian, absolutely, positively, 100% refuses to participate in any social networking.  He thinks it's just stupid, first and foremost, and it's an area we disagree on.  But when he says that it's breaking down the decency of mankind, I think he has a valid point.

So, please, please, during the important, sacred moments of life, put down the smartphone.  Facebook isn't going anywhere!  Your friends won't die if they don't know where you are for an hour or two.

And if they do?  Well, there's a new status.  Just not AT the funeral, okay?

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