Take A Stand Campaign from Luvs (and a $5 Coupon!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The people at Luvs® are excited to invite you to join the Luvs "Take a Stand" campaign, which rallies moms to unite and take a stand on things that are important to them, such as not paying too much money for everyday items such as diapers!

Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tony-Award-winning actress, Dancing With the Stars contestant, and host of Oxygen Network's Dance Your Ass Off, is leading the charge for the Luvs "Take a Stand" campaign. Marissa absolutely believes in the idea of empowering moms to stand for things that are important to them, and you can watch a series of videos on Luvs.com where she talks about all sorts of things that she stands for—from charitable giving, to just trusting your gut when it comes to parenting. Marissa's very adorable baby avatar is the "celebrity" site host!

Go to Luvs.com and share your own inspiring "Take a Stand" story with other moms in the Luvs online community.

And have a little more fun while you're there with the adorable Baby Builder feature at Luvs.com that lets you build a baby avatar in your likeness. They're very cute, and you can use it for your Luvs.com profile or your Facebook headshot, or just to tag your emails to friends. The sky is the limit!

(Btw, how do you like my baby Kimmie to the right? lol)

Luvs loves moms, and understands that with all of your priorities in life, the last thing you want to do is overthink diapers. You just want to feel confident that they work, and you don't want to "pay up" for that feeling either. With Luvs, you get a great diaper that provides ultra leak protection, and there's even a money back guarantee.

Luvs is so excited to let you know that starting September 15, you can go to Luvs.com (or click the coupon below) and receive a $5-off coupon for any Luvs product!

There's a limited supply though, so be sure to get yours right away before they run out.


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