Doh! I'm Not The Only One Who Should Have Had A V-8

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lately I have just completely lost my every-lovin' flippin' mind!

I live in a small little Tennessee town where there is NOTHING to do.

So when the carnival (or, as we call it, fair) makes its annual pilgrimage into town, it's a BIG deal.

Part of the week long festivities includes a Baby Show. Anybody who has had a baby within the last 3 years enters this dang pageant.

Yeah, even me.

When Big Brother was a tot, I entered him two years in a row.

Even after I swore after the first year I wouldn't do it again.


Because he won.

And when your kid wins, you have to wait around for what seems like forever for the "Best of Show." (Sounds like a dog show, huh?)

By that time, your little bit is hot, cranky, and could care less if they are The Best - they just want to get the heck out of dodge and so do you.

He won both times. But not the best of show. Any guesses why?

But four years has caused me to have a memory lapse.

Until the other day.

After I had paid my $25 entry fee and told our family when to be there.

Doh! What have I done??!!

Now I am dreading this dog-and-pony show with every ounce of my being.

I don't want to do it.

But I will because, well, I'm too cheap to waste my entry fee.

I am, however, hoping that we don't win.

Isn't that insane?

Yet I am. That way I can show Princess A off then high tail it back to the house and the air conditioning.

Wish us luck - or not. How exactly would that work in this case?

And I'm apparently not the only one suffering from Doh moments.

What was that with Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-R) yelling out "You Lie!" at Obama during his speech last week?

I'm about as Republican as they come and Congressman Wilson was dead-on with his accusation, but, man, that's like yelling out the F-bomb in the middle of a church sermon.

You. Just. Don't. Do. It.

I did think it was classy of him to apologize to Obama - it's more than I would have done - but, unfortunately, the damage is done.

Of course, not as much damage as ACORN has done to themselves with the recent unveiling of undercover video footage of them promoting illegal immigration and prostitution.

When you figure out you've been secretly video taped doing those kind of crazy, ILLEGAL things, that's really gotta be a DOH! moment.

Here's a V-8. Bottoms up, boys!


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