Johnson's Buddies Easy Comb Detangler Spray(Product Review)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Having a girl - especially one with a lot of hair - after having only boys introduced me to a whole new baby hair "problem."

A little something I call a "rat's nest."

Sleeping, sitting in a bouncer/carseat/high chair, rolling around - these wonderful activities allow the back of the head to come in contact with any type surface; creating this tangled, unkempt look.

I hate it. And after fighting it (unsuccessfully) for a couple of months with only a brush, water, and a good nightly shampoo, it was time to do something about it.

Thank goodness for
Johnson's Buddies Easy Comb Detangler Spray!

This 8 fluid ounce bottle of hair magic has helped me keep my sanity when dealing with naturally-curly, tangled baby hair.

Sprayed on wet or dry hair, this easy to use spray bottle makes the "rat's nest" disappear with no pain, no effort and definitely no frustration on my part.

After being so pleased with this particular Johnson's product, I've added the Johnson's No More Tangles Easy-Comb Conditioner to our bath time supplies; leaving the spray in the diaper bag for those "hair emergencies" when we're out!

Buy It! You can purchase several products from the Johnson's Buddies detanglers line at Amazon, starting at only $3.50 USD.


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