How Noah Knew What To Do by Karen Moore (Book Review)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"If Noah wasn't a ship builder, how could he build an ark?"

The first line from this bible-story-based book titled How Noah Knew What To Do from author Karen Moore sets the stage for the captivating and educational message that follows.

With 30 pages of brightly colored graphics (illustrated by Pete Kersten) and easy to read rhyming text, it's a kid pleaser from beginning to end.

My four year old son was able to easily understand the lesson of Noah's Ark after reading this book. And seeing the rainbow illustrated in the book, along with the words finally helped him understand what we had been trying to teach him all along.

How Noah Knew What To Do is now one of his favorite books. Not only for the story within, but the gel-filled plastic on the front cover that is "water" adds to the fun of the book - giving it a little "extra" that many other books don't offer.

Published by Thomas Nelson of Nashville, Tennessee, How Noah Knew What To Do is available for purchase at Amazon for only $10.94 USD.


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