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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I read an interesting article this morning that a friend on Facebook had posted about a Mother in Manhattan who is trying to be the food police for Public School 9; raising a ruckus over a few cupcakes, doughnuts, and other stuff in the name of obesity and diabetes.

When will other people learn to let others make decisions for themselves? When did we become a country when one person's passions had to be anothers?

I say: survival of the fittest.

Trying to take it out of the school isn't going to do one darn thing if children aren't being taught the same thing at home.

And it will be a cold day in &^%$ before I allow the government to tell me how to raise my children.

Which then leads me to my thoughts on this issue of cigarettes now being regulated by the FDA.

Yes, I'm a smoker. Not quite what I used to be - thank goodness - but I'm a much bigger fan of personal freedom.

Smoking is a choice. You'd have to be a real moron not to be aware of the dangers associated with smoking these days. So when you light up - and that includes me - you know what you're doing.

Again: survival of the fittest.

Everyday I am appalled and how many personal liberties we are handing over to the government.

What's next?

The deal with (now former) Miss California is a prime example of what's next.

The lady spoke out for what she believed in; she doesn't believe in homosexuals being allowed to marry and she said it. I was always taught that you have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. She did just that but her opposers wouldn't let go until they found a reason to strip her of her crown.

I'm just really sick and tired of all these people who tell me I have to believe in something or I'm "intolerant." Yet these same people are so intolerant of my beliefs.

Pick a side of the fence already!

They don't get that by trying to cram it down my throat and force me to do it their way only makes me hold firmer to my beliefs. If anything, it makes my views stronger.

I refuse to be bullied by anyone! I am a grown woman. 35-years-old. Mother of four children. My days of being intimidated by schoolyard bullies are over.

Ok, rant over. You're dismissed. :)


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