Hi, My Name Is Kim and I'm A Sonic Dr. Pepper Addict

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can't stop myself.

Even after having gestational diabetes and understanding my risk for Type 2, I can't stop.

After the baby was born, I didn't resume any of the other bad vices: white bread, sugary sweets, loads of pasta.

But I did rejuvenate my addiction to Sonic Dr. Pepper.

Every single day during Sonic's Happy Hour (2 -4 p.m.), I make a trip for the sole purpose of ordering one of these 32 ounces of pure carbonated, sugar enhanced, caffeine-loaded liquid heaven.

I justify it by saying, "It's the only thing I haven't given up. And it's only one a day."

Yeah, tell that to my body that doesn't want to wind up diabetic.

I'm an idiot.


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