Book Review: Mail Order Murder by Patricia Springer (Jack Reeves)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emelita Reeves was a beautiful, eighteen-year-old Filipino living in Cebu City, Manila and desperate to help her family overcome their poverty stricken state.

When her father placed an ad about his daughter in a mail order bride magazine, he didn't realize that his dreams of a better life for Emelita and the family's chance at financial assistance would lead to a brutal murder.

Jack Reeves was immediately smitten with the almond-eyed, black hair Emelita; and soon she would become his bride.

His fourth bride; and the third to die in questionable circumstances.

When Emelita went missing on October 11, 2004, her friends were the first to report her disappearance; especially after being instructed by Emelita that, should they ever be unable to reach her by cell phone or pager, they should immediately call the police - because Jack had killed her.

Emelita had longed to return to the Phillipines. She suspected that her husband Jack was responsible for the deaths of second and third wives - hence the instructions to her friends. But providing for her family - via a financially stable American - was Emelita's duty; so she stayed.

Following the report of Emelita's disappearance, the investigation that ensued would unearth Jack's obsession with perversion, a need for control, and a drive to kill to protect what was his - more than once!

Jack Reeves may have outsmarted the police more than once, but then his path crossed with Detectives Tom LeNoir and Buddy Evans of the Arlington, Texas, Police Department.

His life would never be the same.

Mail Order Murder is another awesome true crime book written by Patricia Springer. Well written and researched, this tale of murder and manipulation will keep fans of the true crime genre engrossed until the very end.


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