Awesome Stain Removal! Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster (Product Review)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Between my three boys, a baby, and a husband who works nonstop on home improvement projects, it seems like my life is nothing but one BIG stain.

I have (literally) tried every stain removing product on the market. Some of them worked okay, while others seemed to have no effect at all.

So I was very excited when offered the opportunity to try Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster duo gel pacs.

I have to be perfect honest: I really didn't expect much out of this product. While Tide is an excellent brand - a leader in laundry products - I just haven't ever found any stain remover to be produce the results I wanted.

Imagine my surprise when I washed a load of white t-shirts and socks and, when removed from the dryer, I found them to be almost as white as they were coming out of the package.

I thought it was a one time shot.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised.

This time it was a load of baby onesies and bibs - from a baby who is now eating pureed solids (which translates to plenty of stains).

There were NO traces baby food or other little people expulsions!

Tide Stain Release is very easy to use. You just drop in one duo gel pac along with your laundry detergent. The gel pac dissolves right in the wash while it does it's wonderful cleaning bit and adds the refreshing scent of original Tide.

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