Why So Much Hate for Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lately it seems that you can't turn on the television without being bombarded by all the press surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin, best known for their television show focusing on family life with two sets of multiples - one set being sextuplets, and their alleged extramarital affairs.

I've got to say that I have been disgusted and appalled at the remarks made by people who do not know the Gosselins personally; and many them not even viewers of their weekly reality based show.

I've been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 for a while now. My "obsession" (term used loosely) came after seeing Kate Gosselin on The 700 Club discussing how she became a mother of eight: a set of twins and sextuplets.

I admire anyone who can manage to raise eight children - eight children that are not stair stepped in age and six of those are all experiencing phases at the same age (think: terrible twos, potty training, schooling).

Then the news came about like a wildfire that Jon had been caught cheating with some college-aged co-eds; followed quickly by rumors that Kate had also been guilty of her own extramarital affair with one of her bodyguards.

Since then message boards across the web have been inundated with discussion of this news.

I'll admit that I've sought out news, but I was shocked to find so many posters making statements such as "I don't blame Jon," "Kate is such a b----, that's what she gets," or "Kate is such a fame wh----." (The latter said by Kate's estranged brother as he gained his 15 minutes of fame during an interview with the Today show *rolling eyes*.)

Have people forgotten that this is a marriage they're talking about? A marriage that is in trouble and could forever change the lives of eight beautiful, spirited children?

How can anyone be so cruel? Is there marriages so miserable that they have to take pleasure in others marital problems?

Until my own marriage is perfect, I think I'll just keep my mouth shut. And I don't look for us to be blessed with perfection any time soon - or ever, for that matter.

Maybe Kate can be difficult, but SHE'S RAISING EIGHT CHILDREN. I only have four and I can be quite testy at times; and I'm sure that the "b word" has run through the minds of my husband children from time to time.

But even if she is a big ole meanie, does that give Jon the right to cheat? Absolutely not. And just because their lives are constantly on film and they're raising a herd of children, does it give Kate the right to an extramarital affair? Again, absolutely not.

Yet that is all beside the point. What I want to ask readers today is that the Gosselin's personal, most intimate issues not be their concern - but that the outcome for the eight Gosselin children be the main focus of their prayers and well wishes.

Then take a look at your own life and marriage, and say a prayer thanking God that your troubles are not broadcast on national television or splashed across the front page of tabloids. I know I will!

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