When Will There Be Too Much Reality For TV?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Millions tuned in to the Season 5 premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8 as the Gosselins discussed their recent marital issues with their worldwide audience.

During this episode, it was obvious that the Gosselins are very much on the "outs" as they struggle with media-fueled allegations of infidelity.

The episode became extremely gut-wrenching when Alexis, one of the sextuplets, tells Jon, "I don't want you to leave anymore."

This statement made as Jon and Kate hosted the sextuplet's 5th birthday party at a local park.

As paparazzi lurked in the background.

Their every move recorded and photographed to share with the world.

Which makes me wonder - when did common decency leave human beings?

When will sympathy for a marriage in trouble - family being destroyed before our very eyes - supersede a blood thirst for rumors, gossip and innuendo to be transported through the airwaves?

This episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is as real as it gets. I swear I saw the family deteriorate right before my eyes.

Yes, I watched that episode. Somewhere I was hoping that the Gosselins would tell me that the rumors are untrue and they will fight, together, for the sake of the children - even if it means giving up the television series.

But they didn't.

So no matter what the Gosselins decide - I'm done.

I will never watch another episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Never.

It's just too....real.


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Anissa May 30, 2009 at 10:08 AM  

I think it is time they pull the plug and give those kids a decent life. It has gotten way out of hand.

Angela May 30, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

I rarely watch the show, and I didn't see this episode because we don't have cable. I've seen a few clips though, and that was enough for me. The tension between Jon and Kate is so thick. I feel bad for them even if they did do it to themselves.

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