Bumbo Seat A Must For Older Infants (Product Review)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I haven't had an infant in my home for over four years, which at times means I can be out of the loop on some of the newer baby products on the market.

As soon as my baby girl was holding her head up on her own, I kept hearing, "You gotta get a Bumbo."

Over and over I heard this; all the while thinking, "What in the world is a Bumbo?"

Since I'm not one to jump feet first in to anything, I first did my research. Imagine how taken aback I was when one of the first things I came across was a Hubpages article sarcastically written (although it's hard to tell unless you read the whole thing) stating that these seats had been recalled.

With a little more sleuthing, however, I came to realize that the writer of the previously mentioned article had essentially poked fun at the name and spun off a little bit of truth; specifically, in October 2007, Bumbo International did experience an U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall that required them to provide additional safety warnings.

Not surprising, really. How often are many practical, wonderful products are recalled to put "common sense" warnings that have been omitted. With the Bumbo, they were required to place additional warnings on the box about leaving infants unattended; or using the Bumbo on countertops, chairs or other elevated surfaces.

Basic cover-your-behind warnings.

Once I realized that the Bumbo was a safe product, I was ready to give it a try.

Best thing I ever did!

As soon as she learned to hold her head up, my daughter has been determined to sit up.

Rolling over? Her opinion: do it a few times so I'm up to speed with pedi, but let's move on to the sitting up.

And let's face it, with four children at home, Mom doesn't have time to sit around play sit-up all day.

The Bumbo has been my lifesaver!

This colorful, foamy chair has allowed me to give baby girl the sitting time she wants without tying up my hands. And being lightweight, I can tote it from room to room to keep her in sight.

Princess A loves this little chair so much that she could care less about her baby bouncer now. If she's not sleeping, not playing with Mom, Dad or the boys, she wants to be sitting in her chair.

I would add this product to any must-haves-for-infants list.

Who is the product recommended for? Bumbo should only be used with infants who have the ability to bear the weight of the head alone. I would also recommend waiting until they have at least minimal strength in their back even though the Bumbo site does not mention this.

Where can the Bumbo be purchased? The Bumbo is available at a wide variety of discount retailers or purchase direct from the Bumbo International website. A wide variety of the Bumbo products is also available at Amazon.

What colors are available? The Bumbo comes in Aqua, Pastel Pink, Blue, Lime, and Lilac.

I love the Bumbo so much (and my daughter too!), that I will soon be trying to the tray attachment and, later, the potty training seat.

Remember, not only is purchasing this a great idea for your own infant but consider purchasing one as a baby shower gift - I'm sure the Mom will thank you many times over within a few months!


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Anissa May 30, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

Great Review! My sister has one for her baby and she loves it. I never had one -- wish I did.

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