Diapers.com Offers Cheaper Prices Than Walmart

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I thought I was diaper-free when I potty trained my second child just before he turned two; and loved it when I kept taking the amount I was spending on diapers each month and putting it into a savings account.

Then surprise - I'm pregnant with baby number 4! So much for the savings.

In January, it was back to diaper buying. And every two weeks, I would shell out $19.97 plus 9.75% sales tax (a total of $21.92) for 100 diapers; making the cost per diaper 22 cents each.

Then I discovered Diapers.com. Through this company, founded by two fathers who had tired of the "diaper run" chore, I am able to purchase 228 of the Pamper's brand diapers for 20 cents each and they are delivered direct to my door by UPS.

I always take advantage of their free shipping offer on orders totaling $49.00 or more by combining the diapers with baby wipes. (Shipping on orders less than $49 is only $4.95)

If you're tired of diaper runs and the higher cost for diapers from Walmart, give Diapers.com a try. And with your first order of $49 or more, you can receive $10 OFF using coupon code TMT0509 and receive free 2 day UPS shipping.

But Diapers.com is not just for diapers alone. Just recently we purchased a Davinci Emily mini crib for Princess A. Considering the free shipping and the fast response time in receiving the product, Diapers.com beat Walmart hands down!

Diapers.com is the only place I will shop for diapers until my youngest is potty trained; and it will be the first place that I shop for other baby items such as foods, furniture and equipment.

And for all of you Green Moms, Diapers.com also offers a full line of cloth diapers, clothing, foods, and more.

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