Book Review: Body Parts by Caitlin Rother

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wayne Adam Ford walked into Humbolt County, California Sheriff's Office and told them he had "hurt some people." Little did deputies realize just how bad Wayne had hurt four women and many others that may never be known.

In Pulitzer Prize winning author Caitlin Rother's newest release Body Parts, readers are invited into the twisted mind of a serial killer; one who not only strangled his victims to the point of unconsciousness, but would revive them only to kill them.

And if that wasn't bad enough - Ford's first victim was dismembered following her death; her nipple toted in his shirt pocket sealed in a sandwich bag.

When I first began reading this book, I was very disappointed in Rother; one of my favorite true crime authors. I had the impression that she seemed to be sympathic to Ford and believed 100% in his sad tale of bickering, divorced parents and a lost son (the result of one of his divorces) used along with his mild, friendly demeanor.

But I was wrong! If this Rother's intent - to make a reader feel somewhat badly for Ford - she did an excellent job. Yet with a slight of hand (read: turn of a page), Rother's written point of view changes and readers meet a cold, brutal, lying, manipulative killer who deserves no sympathy.

And just when you think you can feel no more disgust, Rother introduces Victoria Redstall; a former breast-enhancement (get the irony?) herbal supplement spokesperson turned self-proclaimed journalist (using the term loosely) and Ford "agent."

This 406 page paperback true crime is a must read for anyone who enjoys this genre. I found it to be very well-written, extremely intense; a book that I could not put down.

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