Book Review: Privilege by Kate Brian

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ariana Osgood is doing 20 to life in the Brenda T. juvenile facility for killing her former boyfriend; but she doesn't planning on staying that long.

Ariana's best friend on the inside is Kaitlynn Nottingham; a young and naive girl framed for the murder of her former best friend's millionaire father.

Ariana has devised a plan using the information that Kaitlynn has unwittingly supplied to her that will set both of them free from the Brenda T. and envelope them in a life of luxury.

The plan is set in motion the night Ariana escapes and fakes her own drowning in Lake Page.

The twist and turns that follow, however, will leave Ariana wondering whose telling the truth and who isn't. And Ariana hates liars - with her there's a severe price to pay for dishonesty.

Privilege is a book that will constantly leave you guessing. And the characters are well developed so as to give you a clear picture of who they are, but not enough to make the ending easily guessable.

The only downside to this book that I found was that the deceitful acts displayed by characters that are only sixteen years of age was giving them way too much credit. Even the most street smart of adults wouldn't be able to pull off the stunts detailed in this book; but, of course, that's the joy of fiction - it doesn't have to so real.

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