Tommee Tippee: The ONLY Sippy Cups I Would Recommend (Review)

Friday, November 5, 2010

This Saturday - November 6, 2010 - Tommee Tippee is hosting a blog tour event they're calling "Traveling with Tiny Tots."

What's Tommee Tippee, you ask? The ONLY sippy cups I would ever recommend!

I'll tell you why in just a minute.

But first let me share this: Tommee Tippee is Great Britain's number 1 baby feeding brand.  They proudly bring Moms simply intuitive products designed to make traveling {or just living} with infants and toddlers as easy and stress free as possible.

And let me tell you - Tommee Tippee lives up to their promises!  

When they say they are TRULY SPILL PROOF CUPS, they're not kidding.

Over the course of my 18+ years of parenting, I've tried more than my fair share of sippy cups.  But not until my last child and an offer from Tommee Tippee to try their product did I finally find what I (and every parent with a toddler or messy child) have been looking for.  Why?  Simple:  they're truly spill proof and kids don't have to have the power of a Hoover vacuum cleaner to get anything to drink.

Now Tommee Tippee is introducing a new addition to their collection of spill-proof cups:  the Li'l Sippee.   This revolutionary design offers a one piece valve that's integrated right into the top. 

So what exactly does this mean?  It means there is only one piece to wash and clean! 

Add that to being truly spill proof, it's a Mom's dream come true!

Visit your local Babies R Us this Saturday for traveling tips, discounts, and more.  Also check out the extensive line of Tommee Tippee available at Babies R US.

AND/OR you can visit the Tommee Tippee website.  Also be sure to stay updated about Tommee Tippee's great products and more on Facebook and Twitter.

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