OMG-WTH Do You Know What Your Kids Are Saying Online?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREE eBOOK translates common chat and IM abbreviations, helps parents identify dangerous online cyber bullying situations.
If you have no idea what your kids are saying in text messages, IMs or emails, you are not alone. To help parents identify potentially dangerous internet risks, TrueCare, a provider of a comprehensive Internet monitoring service for parents, to announced the availability of a new eBook titled “IDK (I don’t know) What My Kids Are Saying Online”

This free ebook, available for download from the website, includes some of the most commonly used online abbreviations used by kids when they instant message, email or chat online using social networking websites. But be warned, some of the abbreviations are not for children. The ebook includes a number of abbreviations that may be warning signs that your kids are chatting with strangers or engaging in dangerous online behavior.

“Parents have a responsibility to know what their children are doing and saying online,” said David Barker, spokesperson for “At TrueCare, our primary concern is keeping children safe from the dangers of online social networking. We’ve released I Don’t Know What My Kids Are Saying Online because we want to give parents easy access to this ever-changing language, so they can decode what their kids are saying to their friends.”

Some of most popular codes kids use when texting and chatting might surprise you. Did you know that MOS means “Mom over Shoulder?” Here are a few other abbreviations you might not know:
• CD9 means “Parents are Around”

• ASL means “Age, Sex and Location?”

• DOC means “Drug of Choice”

• MIRL means “Meet in Real Life”

Learn about these abbreviations and many more by downloading the FREE eBOOK at:

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