Teen Mom Amber Should Be In Jail and Gary Shirley Needs a Good Fathers Rights Lawyer

Friday, October 22, 2010

I can't explain it. I really, really can't.  Other than to say it was a night there was NOTHING else on to watch.

I hate reality television.  I think it's one more piece of evidence that society is one a downward spiral.

But somehow I came to watch MTV's reality series Teen Mom (which I came learn is actually considered one of the more popular reality show - *sigh*).

And it's where I first saw Amber.

Amber may be a teen mom but she's also a psychotic bitch from hell too.  Ranting, raving, and screaming at and hitting her on-again-off-again fiance and Baby Daddy Gary Shirley seems to be favorite pasttime of this Psycho Teen Monster Mommy.

Check out this short video clip of one of her milder rampages:

As I said, this is a milder version of some of the tantrums she has thrown.

What irrates the fool out of me, is this: (1) MTV felt it was more appropriate to continue FILMING than to try and STOP it. Quit worrying about your ratings, put down the camera, and either (a) call 911 or (b) discourage her by walking out and taking her spotlight away - which is probably the reason why she's acting so horrendous in the first place (let's hope!) and (2) It took almost a week after this aired for police in Indiana to "investigate" this matter of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. And that remains the "official" status. WTH? What's to investigate? THE EVIDENCE IS ON FILM!!! Is Indiana one of those ackbasswards states that doesn't have that law that says any proof of domestic violence is a night in jail? If so, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

I'm not an idiot either, if this had been a MAN hitting a WOMAN, his butt would not only be IN jail but UNDER it if an angry N.O.W. mob hadn't already lynched him.

And, as of October 20, 2010, Amber is announcing she's pregnant again. Rumor is, however, that it's just another attention-getting lie being told by Amber. (Again, let's hope so!)    

Here's my message to Gary: GET OUT NOW! Contact Father's Rights groups and learn how you could (probably easily) get custody of your beautiful daughter. Ask for SUPERVISED visits for mom until she has proven her ability to CO-PARENT and completed anger management courses. No money for a lawyer? My guess is you'll find a good one willing to take your cases pro bono - again, the father's rights groups can help. Amber is only a few slaps to you away from turning on that baby girl. Quit messing around with an overgrown-baby-woman who is going to make the rest of your life hell and start working to save your daughter!

And my message for Amber: You may be able to slap Gary around and (so far) get away with it. But a beat down is coming for you - physically and via the Courts. I pray that you lose custody of that little girl until you get your act together. Lose the attitude of "I exist therefore I expect." You're a mother now, for God's sakes!

That's it. I'm ashamed that I even give this girl any attention via a blog posts but sometimes you just gotta have your say.

Know what I mean?

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Dee October 22, 2010 at 10:50 AM  

I've seen this show a few times and I want to know if Amber sees herself! Seriously-she has to be totally embarrassed! Who acts like that?

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