Our Extreme Home Makeover: Week 3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been another busy week with our version of Extreme Home Makeover.

This is where the work starts to slow down - more than I'd like, anyway.

The Summer Breeze paint I picked it is one I'm really happy with, so we moved along this past week to changing light fixtures.

Not that we didn't really know it already, but removing the old fixtures was definite confirmation that we needed to put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling.

Which is exactly what we did.

It's amazing how a fresh coat of ceiling paint can really freshen up a room (or hallway, in this case).

Add new, contemporary light fixtures and it's like "Wow!"

So then it was on to doors which, in my opinion, is the most tedious part of renovations.

To save money, we've opted to forego the door "kits" and just construct our own.  (Okay, my own little Bob the Builder, a.k.a. Brian, will actually do the constructing but, hey, I can take some credit too, right?)    

We've started with the utility closet doors.


Between a birthday celebration this week, football practice, and a full time job, Brian is just now getting started on building and paint the frame door.

In the meantime, the washer and dryer drown out the living room television.  Not to mention that my dirty-little-secrets-closet is not so good at keeping mute these days.

To keep on the positive side, though, I'm sure that by next week I'll be able to show our new, bright white doors and hopefully even a few more as we venture into this hallway renovation.

In the meantime, I'm the hunt for a charcoal grey recliner sofa and love seat.  It's a bigger task to find one than I thought.  Apparently this color of grey isn't very popular.

But - to give a shout out and kudos:

Our friends and neighbors, Steve and Patty Ray, owners of Sofa Center in McMinnville, Tennessee (931.474.7632), told us Ashley Furniture is coming out with a new bluish-grey color in about three months.  They are going to put one on reserve and when it arrives, I get to come check it out.  No strings attached! 

I'd like to think we're special, but the truth is they do things like that for everyone.  Gotta love those guys!

Be sure to join me next week for more updates, hopefully! :)

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