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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gift ideas for DadYeah, yeah, yeah....I know it's just the 1st of September but this is a project most of us have to get started on early!

Every single year I struggle to find the right gift for my Dad.  And every year I walk away feeling like a failure in the gift-giving department.

You know that feeling, right?  Men are the worst people to shop for, with Fathers at the top of the list; especially those Daddies who have everything they could want.

Maybe this year I can keep your Dad from getting another tie or house slippers and give you a few fresh ideas.  (And feel free to comment and add to the list!)

  1. Big Skinny tri-fold wallet (5-7 times thinner than regular leather wallets) for the George Costanza wannabe Dad.
  2. Nomad Amber Sports Goggles With Brown Gradient Lens for the sporty Dad. 
  3. Mr. Handyman's Toolbox of Gourmet Food & Snack Gift Basket for the handy Dad who loves to snack.
  4. A screen-printed apron for the cooking Dad.
  5. Craftsman Auto Hammer (very popular last year and sold old quickly) for the constructing, picture-hanging, repairing Dad.
  6. Flydanna Bandanna for the doo-rag wearing Dad. 
  7. audio book gift subscription for the commuting Dad.
  8. Control A Woman Remote Control for the married or dating Dad with a sense of humor.
    (Psst...there's a Control A Man version too!) 
  9. Portable Universal USB Power Supply for the techie Dad on the go.
  10. Battery recharger for the remote-control, cordless telephone loving Pops in your life!

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Anonymous,  September 3, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

I love bigskinny wallets! What a great idea!!

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