I'm Super Impressed With Eco Store USA Products! (Review)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eco Store USA productsI've mentioned several times over the past year how my family is making new strides in becoming a "Green" family.  We're not perfect yet, by any means, but we're on our way!

When Eco Store USA contacted me about providing a couple of their products at no charge in exchange for review, I couldn't respond fast enough. 

After all, it's one more step in our transition, right?

The first product that really caught my attention plant-based Cream Cleanser.

Eco Store USA Cream CleanserI've tried a wide variety of glass top stove cleansers, but most of them, while doing an okay job of cleansing, have a horrific smell to them. Since Eco Store USA's noted that one of there ingredients was Lemon Verbena oil, I thought that sounded like something I might like.

And oh, did I.

Although I'll admit I'm can't quite be sure if my satisfaction was more because it smells beautiful (not like your typical Lemon scented products that are more stout) or if I was happier about using something that was friendlier to the enviroment.

But why can't it be both?  :)

The second product I was anxious to try was the non-toxic Toilet Cleaner.

And this is where I must make a nasty little confession. (Pun intended!)

I enjoy putting products to the test. See if they can meet their expectations.

I have four boys in my home. You know ladies know what that means, right? There's more pee pee outside the toilet than in it.

And it takes a heck of a cleanser to tackle that job. (Which is daily, just so ya know!)  I really didn't think anything but toxins could get my toilets clean.

I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  And not for a lack of trying.    

I used Eco Store's toilet cleaner FOR TWO WEEKS on it, around it, in it, and and underneath it with GREAT results!
Eco Store USA Toilet Cleaner
As a matter of fact, it's my new toilet cleaner of choice.

And this from a person who is typically a fan of those little scrubbling bubblers. Know what I mean?

Eco Store USA's toilet cleaner did the job just as well, with a better scent, and....say it with me...better for the enviroment!

Oh, and let me mention, even with a daily cleaning, I've only used about 3/4 of the bottle. Wow!

Eco Store USA has thoroughly impressed me. Not only do their products pass the test but they are very much comparable in price to other brand name chemical cleaners.  (Psst, you also get free shipping with orders of $25 or more!)

Join me in the efforts to use safe, enviromentally-friendly products please and visit Eco Store USA at http://www.ecostoreusa.com/.  And be sure to join them on Facebook and Twitter too!


I would like to thank Maggie with Eco Store USA for this wonderful opportunity. 
Not only was I provided with free products, but discovered a safer way to meet my family's household needs.

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