Oatmeal Hazes and Water Wasting

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There will be no photos today.

I don't feel like pulling one off the camera. Don't even feel like finding a substitute to go along with my random thoughts today.

I had taken one this morning that I'll call "Living in an Oatmeal Haze."

My pediatrician told me that I have to stop being a Type A personality and allow Princess A to start feeding herself with a spoon.

That's easy for doc to say, he's not here to clean up the mess.

And after three other children, plenty of messes (x3, remember!), I don't wanna do it anymore and would rather just feed her myself.

But FINE, I did. And she loves it.

She loves to put some in her mouth. But most goes in her hair, her nose, her ears, or any other little place she can find to put it.

Ugh! This equates to two baths a day.

Why two? Well, I'm kind of a stickler for being showered BEFORE you crawl into bed.

In my house, if you like showers first thing of a morning, that's cool...but you'll be on a two shower a day schedule. (Which is probably one less than should be MANDATORY for teenage boys.)

Yes, I know. That's a lot of water and I should try harder to be more conservative.

I do, but that is one area I will not budge.

Well, I'm tired of writing. That's my Random Thoughts for this Tuesday. Catch ya next week.


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