Dear McMinnville, Tennessee Sonic

Friday, February 19, 2010

Everybody knew you had the BEST Dr. Peppers. They were sooo good that many of us were addicted to the sweetness that we had to have one every day. (Sometimes more than one a day)

Even other Sonic Drive-Ins could match that AWESOME drink.

But then you went and changed your syrup to something that's supposed to be a cost saver.

Something YUCKY!

Truth is, it's only going to be a profit slasher. Because now, I don't even bother. And several others have said they can get a Dr. Pepper from just any fast food place.

The specialness is gone now. You're plain. Just average.

Change it back. And we'll come back.

Please! In the name of all things good and pure...CHANGE IT BACK!


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