Apartment Living Can Be Quite Entertaining

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the current state of the economy and the days of numerous foreclosures, there are many who are looking for apartments for rent across the country.

When you get past the fine print leases, chatty apartment managers, and close living quarters, apartment living can be quite entertaining.

I remember when I rented my first apartment at 19-years-old.

Living in a small town where the sidewalks are rolled up just after sunset, you would think there would be nothing amusing going on.


Some of the best conversations I've ever overheard came from the apartments below and next door.

The lady next door had serious issues with her boyfriend who, from the best I could determine from muffled arguments, had a real penchant for carousing the complex in search of "company."

And the couple below me had frequent disagreements about a mother-in-law.

His or hers? That's something I never figured out.

You don't get free entertainment like that very often when you live out in the 'burbs.

Unless, of course, you have a friend who still enjoys apartment living.

Just the other day she was sharing a humorous story with me about her new neighbors; a couple who has recently moved in from a larger northern city to our small town, all-rural living. Not realizing the quiet that surrounds them - or just not caring - this couple, their less-than-a-year baby, and preschooler are frequent silence breakers in my friend's building.

Apparently the baby had had a long day of crying. The preschooler, as is typical, was doing his share to test his mother's endurance.

After several hours of trying to quiet the children, the mother, in an exasperated voice, shouts, "Give it a rest!"

She couldn't help but to get tickled, as she was suddenly transported back to days of raising young children; children who are now in their late teens.

Ahhh, how I miss the days of apartment living! :) Entertain me. Share your stories!


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