My Top 10 Ways to Get Fit After The Holidays

Monday, December 21, 2009

Most of us will gain a few (or a lot) pounds this holiday season.

And then we'll celebrate New Year's with a resolution to get them off.

The following is my top ten ways of losing that pinch-(more than)-an-inch from my waistline:

  1. Exercise a minimum of 15 minutes per day/minimum of 5 days per week: A brisk walk, Wii Fit, or other heart-pumping exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes per day will not only shed pounds but keep your body functioning as intended. Allow at least 2 days out of the 7 for your body to rest.

  2. Goodbye whites: White starches are fattening and hard for the body to process. Switching to whole grains - available in breads, pastas, crackers and more - is ideal to maintaining a healthy weight.

  3. Eliminate carbonate: Carbonated drinks offer nothing positive in the way of nutrition, whether regular or diet.

  4. Watch what you eat: In this instance, it's watching your portion sizes. Too often we eat mainly for pleasure, not for survival; which in turn leads to weight issues. While it's not necessary to "eat like a bird" (one of my mother's favorite sayings), portion control is important.

  5. Six small meals versus three large meals: Eating six small meals, strategically spaced throughout the day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and bedtime snack) keeps the body's metabolism on an even keel; resulting in optimal weight loss.

  6. Protein, protein and more protein: Protein helps the body to feel full longer. In addition, protein assists in the breaking down of other foods. Offering larger portions of protein (especially chicken or fish) is ideal for each meal.

  7. Count calories: ...and carbs, proteins, dietary fibers....Visit the USDA website for more on counting for a healthy diet.

  8. One is the lonliest number: Don't go it alone. Find a friend to join in your new health regime, and hold each other accountable. When you buddy-up chances are much less that you'll give up.

  9. Set Goals: Upcoming class reunion? Vacation? Set a date that you'd like to reach your goal and work toward it. Wii Fit offers a goal setting and tracking that I use - and love. Working toward a goal by a certain date increases your chances of success.

  10. Reward yourself: Determine milestones along your goal path. For example, you want to lose 30 pounds; for every ten pounds lost, reward yourself with a treat (new clothes, a triple chocolate brownie, etc.). Rewards are encouragement - and sometimes we need all we can get!

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