Bookworms, Cops and Peeing Utility Workers

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've got so many books piled up for reviews, that lately I've been reading like a bookworm on crack.

Of course, in turn, I've neglected blogging about plenty of other things - especially to spew forth my hatred and disgust filled political topics! (Those are so much fun!)

Well, I've got a lot to say on current political issues but I'll save those for another post on another day.

It's Random Thoughts Tuesday and, boy, do I have some seriously random thoughts running around in my head.

This morning after I dropped Mr. 4 at preschool, I headed over to Sonic for my daily Dr. Pepper fix.

As I waited for my dealer - er, carhop - to bring it out, I observed two cops at the convenience store next door.

As I looked at them, something dawned on me.

Ever notice how cops seem to "fill out" to fit those belts they wear? No matter how in shape a cop appears to be at top or bottom, or how fit they were when they signed on to serve and protect, in the middle s/he (more the hes than the shes) always fills out that belt perfectly.

Being a cop is like having children, it might be admirable but it racks havoc on the body.

And speaking of public workers....

Thanks to one of our neighbors, I can't pass utility workers standing next to the vehicles now without staring.

He was hanging out here one evening and talking about his job as an electric company lineman. I can't recall how the subject came up, but somehow he mentioned that, being outdoor workers, it's not like their jobs offer even the basic of amenities.

He said it was pretty common to open the front and rear doors on the utility truck to use as a shield when a guy has to "whiz."

Now, suddenly all the utility trucks - especially those with front and rear doors open - are catching my attention.

Urban, rural...don't matter. I'm looking.

I'm not real sure what I would do if I actually confirmed someone taking care of business. Probably nothing.

It's in my head and now it's some kind of skewed curiosity, I suppose.

How weird is that though? lol

Appreciate that, neighbor boy!

What Random Thoughts are running through your head on this Tuesday? Share them at The UnMom!

3 chatted about this topic:

Shana October 6, 2009 at 11:05 AM  

This post cracked me up. I have missed your posting too!

Elle October 6, 2009 at 11:17 AM  

Wish we had a Sonic here. They show their ads on our local station just to taunt us. It's like.."Look what you could be having!".

Once I came out of a bar and there was some guy peeing right next to my side of the car. I was like "What the hell are you doing?!!"

Kat October 6, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

I am addicted to Cherry Coke Zero...we should start some sort of support group for those addicted to sodas.

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