Kudos and Applause for CBS Monday Night Comedy Line Up

Monday, September 21, 2009

If you missed CBS' Fall Monday night comedy line-up, then you missed two hours of some serious knee-slapping laughs.

How I Met Your Mother (8/7c) started out its season premier with Robin and Barney playing around - physically and with the idea of forming a relationship; all the while Lily and Marshall was doing all they could to make "the talk" happen. Ted, in his usual manner, screws up his first day as a college professor.

Accidentally On Purpose (8:30/7:30c) is one of CBS' new comedies that's expected to be a big hit (which easily explains why it make its debut on CBS' biggest night for comedy). This very contemporary comedy stars Jenna Elfman as a single woman who gets pregnant after a one-night-stand. After a bit of mental juggling, she moves the baby daddy in with her. How can this plot not create a lot of laughs. (See previous review)

Two and a Half Men (9/8c) began it's seventh season with the gut-busting laughs that can only come from Charlie Sheen. I swear that man has to go in to the writers each day and say, "Ok, this is what I did last night..." and then they write it. Which is what makes viewers laugh so hard they about wet their pants! Question on my mind: Is Charlie Harper really ready to settle down with one woman? If so, does this signal the end of my favorite television sitcom? I hope not!

Big Bang Theory (9:30/8:30c) brings the motley crew home, and the craziness that could surround only this little band of nerds. Nerds you can't help but to love! Penny seems very exicted to see Leonard return, but her affections lean toward Sheldon when he learns that his experiments in the North Pole were sabatoged with false reports from his cohorts. Is the writers of BBT preparing us for a possible romantic interlude between Sheldon and Penny? Sure looks that way!

If you ask me, CBS is making the other networks look like they should be heading for cable service only.

To compete with the ratings that CBS is sure to produce this season, NBC and ABC better dream up something better than what they've presented so far.


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