Book Review: The Bike Path Rapist by Jeff Schober with Detective Dennis Delano

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

As a boy, Detective Dennis Delano never aspired to be a cop; but it was apparently his destiny.

Working as a homicide detective in Buffalo, New York, Detective Delano would spend hours studying cold cases to refine his investigative techniques.

All the while, a serial rapist was on the loose in and around the bike paths of Western New York.

His first known attack occurred in 1977, and his would continue raping - and killing at least three women - until 2006.

Three decades of stalking women and brutalizing them.

He became known to law enforcement as The Bike Path Rapist.

And in the meantime, an innocent, mentally-ill man, Anthony Capozzi, would pay for The Bike Path Rapist's crimes with twenty-two years of life; his freedom.

When Detective Delano discovered Capozzi's innocence, he made it his mission to set him free.

What should have been a simple task became a politically-induced nightmare for Delano and Capozzi's family.

Yet Western New Yorkers remained oblivious to the political details as detectives from a specially formed task force hunted a serial rapist turned murderer.

DNA evidence would soon identify Almetio Sanchez as the man women had feared meeting along the beautiful yet secluded bike paths; a man beloved within his community but whom harbored a sociopathic hatred towards women.

Sanchez's crimes would solve almost thirty years worth of cases; many of which had ran their statute of limitations.

And vindicate an innocent man of the crimes for which he had been wrongfully convicted.

Unfortunately, the overinflated ego of a rogue District Attorney would be exposed and a dedicated cold-case detective would be forced into retirement; making the case of The Bike Path Rapist end on a bittersweet note.

Bike Path Rapist is the book to read if you want to know all of the inside workings that pertains to this twisted case that spanned three decades.

From the inner-office disputes to legal wranglings to head butting between the brass and prosecutors, Bike Path Rapist is an straight-shooting account of the hunt for a monster and the careers it would subsequently end.

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